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Is Heartbreaking Grief Optional?

I want to gently, kindly, lovingly say 'Yes'!

If your person has the time to prepare and plan and accept dying and you get to hear their wishes,

and share your love and forgiveness and honor each other then yes.

Dying is not the real problem.

It’s the regret, what was left unsaid, what was left unresolved.

Studies show that the four most important things to communicate at the end of life touch on these themes:

1. Thank you for all you are.

2. Please forgive me for my trespasses.

3. I forgive you for everything.

4. I love and am so deeply grateful to have had you in my life.

Getting to say goodbye fully is a gift not only to you and your loved one, but as you find your way after your person dies.

You can bathe in the light and love. You can be carried on that beautiful, sweet, painful wind.

You can move on without that person in their physical form, but always so deeply in your heart and spirit. You experience loss, deep loss, and deep

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