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End of Life Doula

What are your intentions for your end of life journey?  Are you curious about how to plan a "conscious death?" Are you a caretaker for a loved one facing their last days?  

Rhyena's work is inspired by the conscious dying movement, which aims to enrich the dying experience, diminishing the fear and stress many feel around contemplating their mortality. It offers instead a chance for a deep embrace of the life force for the person who is preparing for death, and profound connection with their loved ones. Holding the space for a peaceful death allows for loved ones to find their way after great loss.


Everyone is different and everyone has a different death. Rhyena helps you identify your unique needs and desires to personalize your end of life plan. 


With compassionate care, gentle inquiry and openness, we will develop a customized plan that could include a range of elements, such as:

  • life review and legacy projects 

  • advance care directives

  • completion of final documents 

  • identifying final wishes 

  • developing a sense of completion

  • organizing and letting go of stuff

  • facilitating conversations with loved ones

  • third-party neutral support with family members

  • helping to navigate family dynamics

  • compassionate, deep listening

  • coordination with care and healthcare teams

  • rituals as death nears 

  • support for VSED and MAID* 

  • body washing and home tahara

  • home funerals & green alternatives to traditional burials

  • support for loved ones during the early stages of loss

Rhyena serves as part of a care team that compliments medical personnel, hospice, family members and other caregivers. As a doula, she is not a licensed medical practitioner.

She is also a member of Chochmat Halev's Chevra Kadisha and is especially committed to serving the Jewish community in the East Bay.


Beginning in 2020, Rhyena facilitates online Death Cafes, safe and supportive conversations about death and dying, and teaches classes for the Elisabeth Kubler Ross Foundation and Mission Hospice.


You can begin planning at any time, in a conscious and intentional way, for your own death. You don't have to be terminal or even ill to benefit from this work. 


*Voluntary Stopping Eating and Drinking and Medical Aid in Dying

For more recommended reading, podcasts and other resources on End of Life, visit my Resources Page

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My mother had a beautiful death. She was ready and willing, thus cementing my passion for conscious dying. Please see my story about my mom here: My Mom's Wonderful Death

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