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Your Third Act

How do you want to spend the rest of your one precious life? What makes your heart sing? What fills you with joy and purpose? 


You may be planning your retirement, perhaps finding yourself newly single, with an "empty nest" or embarking on another transition in your life. With increased longevity we have many options for our Third Act.  A wondrous chance at reinvention - to live a liberated, adventurous, joyful, purposeful, and mindful life in our fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond. 


Rhyena is passionate about this phase of life, where we are stronger 

and more gentle, calm and wise, freer and sexier; and able to use our lifetime of 

knowledge and experiences to reach for new goals in the framework

of our most cherished values.

Designing your Third Act is a fun and creative process of inquiry and

exploration conducted in a supportive, collaborative space.  It’s a deep

dive into your passions, desires, values and options.  


Treasures of late life*

  • Experiencing a deeper identity, which offers freedom from our past roles and responsibilities

  • Discovering a revitalized energy that opens us to play, beauty and gratitude

  • Embracing dating, romance and your sexuality with complete abandon and joy

  • Choosing a spiritual practice that fits our stage of life and brings rewards to our mental health, brain health, emotional health

  • Living with a renewed orientation toward the future that includes our evolutionary purpose and legacy

  • Reclaiming our lost creativity and exploring its joyous value today

  • Reconnecting with activism and service, which ends isolation and connects us to a kinship community

  • Cultivating genuine self-acceptance of who we are now, which liberates us from our inner critic and empowers       us to feel and act with full authenticity

  • Creating a quieter mind, which gives us space from negative emotions about aging

  • Releasing the past so it no longer controls how we feel or act now

  • Releasing hurt, anger, resentment, regret by using emotional repair to reframe relationships

  • Preparation for the end of life journey

  • Ultimately, feeling a sense of acceptance and peace in the face of death

Through enjoyable and stimulating activities, Rhyena will help you design a map of your vision and goals, and a        step-by-step plan for implementation.  

When the time comes for you to initiate your Third Act you will be well prepared to realize it fully. Your next chapter in life is waiting for you!

For more recommended reading and other resources on Third Act Visit my Resources Page.

* adapted from The Inner Work of Age, Connie Zweig, pg. 6, 2021.


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