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How I Got Interviewed by Ukrainian TV

Like you, I am heartsick about the pain and suffering occurring in Ukraine this very moment. All because of one pathological narcissist’s crazy obsession with power. The rest of the world can’t stop it. It is sickening.

Our focus is on the latest atrocities and Zelensky’s heroic leadership. We want to help shift the tide toward justice on this global ship. Like you, I give money. I hope its helping getting food and shelter to the people who need it.

My hope comes from human ingenuity and creativity. For example, I love that I can rent an apartment in Ukraine on AirBnB and know that 100% of those funds will go into the account of the ‘host’. Of course I will not be using the apartment and it may not even exist any more. But the mother or father that listed it may find these funds just a tad helpful.

Ukrainian journalists, such as Svitlana Chernesk, ahave been interested in the unexpected support from the United States. That is how I got interviewed, along with other supporters, for this story on creative ways to support Ukrainians, such as the AirBnB arrangement:

While all eyes are on Ukraine, I don’t want to forget about civil war, insurgency, terrorism and violence in other countries of the world. Here is the most current list available:

The fight to resist oppressive dictator and regimes continues. I believe in human resiliency and goodness and their ultimate triumph!

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