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End of Life Guidance

Rhyena Halpern


I warmly support you in discovering and fully embracing your dreams in your Third Act, and envisioning and peacefully planning for your Last Act. 

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End of Life Doula

Compassion, deep listening and meaningful reflection as you determine your end of life plan.

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 Third Act Retirement Coach      

Support, guidance and insight as you design the third act of your precious life!

About Me

Rhyena is a professional End of Life Doula, Death and Dying Educator, Retirement Coach and a board-certified Wellness Coach. 

Working together whether in times of health or illness, she provides compassionate support, guidance, advocacy and companionship to you- and your loved ones- who wish to embrace and plan for your deaths.


Based on the wishes of the client, Rhyena helps create a personalized end of life plan that serves as a roadmap from the early planning stages, through the transition and after death.

Beginning in 2020, Rhyena facilitates online Death Cafes, safe and supportive conversations about death and dying, and teaches classes for the Elisabeth Kubler Ross Foundation and Mission Hospice.


Rhyena's Retirement Coaching practice assists you in designing a fulfilling Third Act, with a focus on planning for your senior years where new goals and passions emerge and can be pursued with joy.

Rhyena writes on aging, death and dying, as well as dating, romance and sexuality. Her writing is on Medium and LinkedIn (see the footer below for hyperlinks) and her blogposts are on the blog page.  

As a JewBu, Rhyena seeks to be of service to the Jewish community and spiritual seekers in the East Bay where she resides. She is also a social justice warrior and ally of the LGBTQI community.                                            Read more about her here.


My beloved husband had a beautiful death. Your presence at the end of his life was my lodestar, filled with your peace, calm, compassion, and wisdom. You were able to seamlessly compliment the services hospice provided. You were centered, accepting, and loving. You were my gift through a very painful and tender journey of several months

Deborah, San Francisco

For info on my classes, death cafes, and other resources, click here!

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